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Want the best? Want to be unique? Customize your gaming gear with us.

About Monkey Wrench

We have backgrounds in nerd, geek, tinkering, mechanics, and video games, since birth. Basically, they were born to do and be gamers. We launch this online shop to create amazing and unique machines for you and other gamers and developers alike who want some super sweet looking and fantastically running computers. We also fix your classic gaming console, or customize your classic gaming console. We can’t wait to create the computer of your dreams or help you fix up your classic consoles.

Meet Your Monkey Team

Monkey Wrench is a team of dedicated gamers who just want you to have the best gaming experience through your custom classic consoles and computers. Game on monkeys.

Kendra Corpier

Kendra Corpier


Kendra loves to game, fix classic consoles, and build computers. She wants to help you love your gaming machine.

Shawn Miller

Shawn Miller


Shawn is a dedicated gamer, fixer, and builder of game machines. Gamer for life.

Blog About

Our team loves to game, fix consoles, and build computers. We have a blog where we talk about that stuff. Check it out!

Updates: Under Construction

  Hi everyone! Monkey Wrench Custom Computer Gear is updating the website to better serve you. In the meantime, our old site is still active, so please check out all we have to offer! Check it out now!

Get Your Custom Gaming Computer

Birthday Present Disappointment
So, it’s your birthday.
Your parents just bought you that super sweet, mega awesome, badass FPS with top of the line graphics.
Find out what happens.

eSports Games

competitive esports
eSports are the new team sport that is taking the world for an awesome digital showdown. What games are currently being played competitively?

7 Cool Custom PCs for Your Viewing Pleasure: March 2017

Well, here are some really cool looking PCs from the month of March that we found throughout the internet.

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