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eSports are Here to Stay

eSports are the new team sport that is taking the world for an awesome digital showdown. Cities in the U.S. are building arenas for their teams, colleges are giving scholarships to student teams and many leagues are being aired on television. Even the NBA is jumping on this digital train for an NBA e-league for 2018.

There have been recent talks of some gambling on teams in Vegas and investors getting ready to throw their hats in the pool to get a taste of the competition.

List of eSports Games

Basically, eSports is growing both in available leagues and eSports games dedicated to the sport. With that thought in mind, I’d like to list all the games (to my knowledge) that are currently played in a competitive eLeague.

Then I will ask you, what game would you like to have on the list to compete with? Or maybe your game is there and you just want to express how amazing you are at that game.

Your Favorite eSports Game

So, which is your favorite eSports game? Your favorite eSports game not listed? Express yourself in the comments.

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