Get Your Custom Gaming Computer

Birthday Present Disappointment

So, it’s your birthday.

Your parents just bought you that super sweet, mega awesome, badass FPS with top of the line graphics.

You tear open the game case (or furiously pace while it downloads). You then dim the lights so when the game launches, you can get the tunnel focus on your new game.

You instal your new game and launch it with the gleam of the next 72 hours of pure gaming goodness.

You adjust the game settings so you can get the full experience of all those guts and glory during gameplay and then choose your character.

You are launched into gameplay. You are focused, online, and ready to take your enemies down in combat.

Your start to move your character forward and then…. it freezes.

Blue screen of death. Mayhem all around! Noooooooo!

Birthday Present Redemption

It’s time for a new computer.

You want to get the best computer for that shiny new game. Order with Monkey Wrench.

Get your custom quote now.

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